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Exploring the Modern History of the Knights Templar

Modern History of the Knights Templar

The Modern Movement - From Myth to Reality

After the acts of King Philip IV of France in 1307 the powerful Knights Templar faced near annihilation. Witnessing the end of their order, the few surviving Knights understandably fled, leaving behind a legacy wrapped in myth. There are whispers that suggest remnants of the order sought refuge within the Freemasons, although solid proof remains scarce, despite claims by Freemasons about having a section dedicated to the Knights Templar.

It’s important to highlight that only the Pope has the authority to establish or dissolve an order, as was done with the Knights Templar. Therefore when exploring the modern history of the Knights Templar, any present-day organisation laying claim to being part of the Knights Templar movement, despite what they may claim in their marketing, lacks approval from the Pope and cannot be considered a legitimate sacred order.

Our organisation has no connections with groups claiming to be quasi Knights Templar organisations or similar political bodies and we do not have any affiliations with Freemasonry. In many ways we embody the essence of the Knights Templar by closely aligning with their enduring principles amidst today’s global challenges.

Upon examining the modern history of the Knights Templar groups around the world, it seems that while some uphold the values of the original Knights, others focus more on ancient ceremonial customs or promote extreme ideologies. However it’s worth noting that there are an those who have chosen to dedicate their time to charitable causes, offering help to those who are in need. A noble path to follow.

For those looking for companionship, philanthropy, and a sense of purpose, we provide an inviting haven. Our group is active and hands on participating in activities such as advocacy work, direct interaction with leaders and fundraising campaigns. Through our gatherings we promote discussions on community projects and charitable efforts, encouraging members to get involved and share their thoughts. Our commitment to assisting the vulnerable translates into tangible actions, like volunteering at soup kitchens and organising charity functions.

With commanderies established across the country and an expanding global presence, we welcome individuals to join us in our shared goal.

If you are interested in joining us then we recommend visiting our Membership page for further information. You may also wish to visit our Charities page for details of the wide range of organisations we have supported.


Original Knights Templar Seal

An original Templar Seal
depicting two knights on one
horse, which reflects their
austere religious vows
of poverty and chastity.
Hence they could only afford
two knights to one horse.

Knights Templar Badge

Modern variation of
the two knights on one
horse, used mainly by
Knights Templar
in the USA.