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The Vision of the Knights Templar UK

Our Core Values: Faith, Charity, Action

The Knights Templar UK

The Knights Templar UK and Overseas organisation endeavours to uphold the noble ideals of the original Knights Templars, including chivalry, charitable works, and historical preservation. Our mission extends beyond Christianity to encompass all lawful faiths and non-faiths, fostering a tolerant environment reflective of the diverse beliefs in the UK.

As a non-political organisation, we adhere to the Christian values of the original Knights, unequivocally condemning hate speech in any form.

Our vision is to establish an order that actively engages members in charitable projects, local community involvement, fundraising, and historical appreciation.

We recognise that nurturing such an order requires time and dedication yet believe in the potential for significant growth from modest beginnings, akin to the growth of an oak tree from an acorn. Members are encouraged to contribute ideas to further our collective objectives.

Membership of the Knights Templar UK organisation transcends a mere members certificate, embodying a way of life guided by our oath-bound values: Faith, Loyalty, Truth, Honour, Justice, Charity, Compassion, Strength, and Hope.

Our aims are structured around four key pillars:

1) Fundraising and Charitable Work:

We leverage local networks to address homelessness, mental health issues, and support for veterans. 

2) Advocacy and Engagement:

We actively liaise with local MPs and councillors, participating in surgeries and utilising email correspondence to address both local and national concerns, including petitions on pertinent issues.

3) National Security: 

We seek to bolster our defence forces by advocating for improved equipment and training, to safeguard our borders and enhance national security.

4) Immigration Reform: 

We advocate for stricter immigration policies. Urging the government to prevent trafficking and promptly deport illegal immigrants.

We propose stringent criteria for legal immigration, emphasising skilled labour or entrepreneurial skills, proficiency in English, good health, and a clean record. Citizenship eligibility would be contingent upon meeting specific criteria and ensuring cooperation from the immigrant’s country of origin.

Our objectives are presented in simple terms, reflecting our commitment as concerned citizens rather than legal or political experts. We strive to protect the fundamental rights and values of the UK population, echoing the ethos of the original Knights Templar.

As our membership grows, we host regular local group meetings across the UK, prioritising the recruitment of members to support the marginalised and vulnerable in our society.

If you would like more information on how you can join our organisation please visit our Membership page.