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Unveiling the Knights Templar UK Mission - Restoring Glory and Protecting the Vulnerable

Embodying chivalry, honour, sacrifice, and duty, the Knights Templar stand as paragons of valor and devotion, guided by their unwavering faith.

But who exactly are the Knights Templar?

Take a captivating journey through the history of the Knights Templar, filled with legends, adventures, myths and of course, the iconic red cross.

In 1128, Pope Honorius II gave the Knights Templar the Cistercians white mantle, adorned with a red cross. Later, in 1147, Pope Eugenius III sanctioned the use of the “Eight-Pointed Cross,” a symbol that has endured through the ages.

The Knights Templar’s enigmatic nature left many in the dark. Here, we offer a glimmer into their history, their influence, their present-day role, and how you, as a citizen, can contribute to shaping the United Kingdom into the nation you desire. Our organisation differentiates itself with a progressive approach, striving to achieve the Knights Templar’s original goals with modern adaptations.

Consider this: The original Knights Templar emerged as a Christian military order, dedicated to safeguarding pilgrims in the Holy Land. In the era of limited defenses and the influx of immigrants, European nations sought the Knights Templar’s help in the Holy Lands during the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.

Does the idea of defending your faith and dealing with defenselessness resonate with you today?

If you genuinely care about preserving the British way of life, a mere complaint about injustice isn’t enough. Inaction perpetuates these injustices. Join us in our growing community and work to make a difference.

Our expanding network of devoted individuals is committed to supporting one another and our nation. With area commanderies across the UK and overseas, we come together to raise funds for noble causes, assist the homeless, promote change, socialise, and explore historical landmarks.

We interact actively with our communities and offer as much help as possible. Every effort, be it large or small, leaves a mark, be it time, acts of kindness, or donations.

We regularly donate to various charities and causes, guided by our passion to make a positive difference.

It’s extremely unsettling to see patriotism equated with racism. We want to be clear: none of our organisation is affiliated with right-wing ideologies, and hate speech has no place here.

Join our cause to restore our country’s greatness, forging lasting friendships and support every step of the way.

Please remember: We are Knights Templar UK & Overseas an independent, legitimate organisation with no political party or other Templar group/site/organisation affiliations.

For further information please visit our About Us page.